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Plungės duonos kepiniai, UAB
100 different types of bread, pies and confectionery, organic cereal
Research and Production Company MELT WATER, UAB
Still and Sparkling water Flavored water
Rokiškio aliejinė, JSC
Edible refined rapeseed oil Rokiskio aliejus, edible unrefined rapeseed oil Rokiskio aliejus
Rokiskio suris, SC
Hard cheese,Tilsit,Gouda, Mozzarella, Cagliata, Lactose, Skim milk powder, Dried whey protein concentrate, Sweet cream butter, Fresh milk products.
Roshen Nord, UAB
Confectionery products: sweets, jelly candies, hard-boiled candies, toffees, biscuits, wafers, tablets, bars.
Rūta, JSC
Production of chocolate and other confectionery products
Meat processing (pork cutting; hot smoked, cooked and dried sausages & cookery products); slaughterhouse (beef, pork, cutting); vegetables recessing; Wholesale warehouse; distribution and logistics in Lithuania.
Spices, herbs, dried vegetables, seasonings, confectionery raw material for food industry. Packed products with brand name “SAUDA” and with private label for retail. Packaging service.
Šilutės Rambynas, AB-F
Dairy products: fresh peelable cheese sticks Pik-Nik, semi-hard cheese (Gouda, Tilsit), cheese products, Mocarella type (pizza) cheese .
1. Supermarkets.
Creation of new ready made dishes recipies and its introduction to the culinary division.
2. Food industry.
Supply, consulting and recommendations on ingredients and additives.
3. Hotels, restaurants, cafes – HoReCa.
Supply of high-quality raw materials and products, consulting.
4. Tea production companies.
Supply of raw materials for tea producers.
5. Retail trade shops.
We can create a product line of customer‘s trademark; offer or form a range of products, according to the needs.
6. We create and produce mixtures under individual orders.

Raw spices and herbs;
Seasoning, sauces and marinades;
Dried vegetables, fruits, mashrooms and berries;
Food additives, flavour enhancers, colorings, flavorings;
Protein, natural and textil casings, elastic nets;
Kitchen helpers (oil, breadcrumb, gelatine, broth and special condiment for soups and stews, potato starch, dessert mousse, etc.).

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