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Druskininkų Rasa, JSC
Manufacture of natural mineral water, including wholesale and retail trade.
Only organic production is made in the bakery: 6 kinds of organic black bread, organic white bread, 7 kinds of organic biscuits. We also offer a wide variety of organic grains and other products, seasonal farm grown vegetables and fruit production.

Our main products and specialties include:

Shortbread dough biscuits and pies of different shapes with/or without filling.

Liquid dough biscuits of all kinds, sugar biscuits, puff pastry biscuits;

National tree cakes “Baumkuchen” or “Sakotis”;

Holiday cake. Special orders are accepted;

Wafer pastry. Cakes, pies and biscuits are made from typical round plates of wafer that we produce in our wafers department.

Yeast dough products - baguettes, rolls, buns and pies.

The chocolate and confectionery icing manufactory.

We make authentic black chocolate and all kinds of confectionery icing, chocolate bars, figure candies, dried fruits in chocolate, etc..

Organic Coconut oil and other coconut products; organic and natural seeds, dried nuts and fruits, grains, spices, rises, porridge flakes, sugar and syrups. We are able to suggest products with our own label AMRITA, Private label or bulk.
Fleur Alpine, UAB
The Fleur Alpine ORGANIC PRODUCTS FROM the EUROPEAN UNION The range of premium organic baby food consists of 8 product groups category: whole grain baby cereal, baby soups, baby biscuits, herbal tea, puree in a soft pack, baby juice, water and olive oil.
Foksas, UAB
Organic food and drinks distribution. Our products: coffee, oils, pasta, olives
Forest mushrooms and berries, wooden packaging
Galinta ir partneriai, UAB
Bulk food packing; Buckwheat groats production; Flakes production; Trading of bulk foods; Purchase and storage of grains; Logistics services. We wholesale trade rice, buckwheat and other packaged and non-packaged cereal products. We trade in Baltic States, Western Europe, USA, Canada and other countries. The products of our company can be found in the largest domestic and foreign distributive trades (shopping centers Lidl, Maxima, IKI, Rimi, Norfa, Aibė, etc.)
Geld Baltic, JSC
Freeze dried berries, vegetables, spices and fruits
Production, packaging, private label
GIRIOS, Masevičiaus enterprise
Processing, freezing, pre-packing, storage, sales of fresh mushrooms and fruits

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