About Us:

Established in 1991, Samsonas is a steady growing company of foodstuff production, sale, distribution and logistics. Premium quality, the most favorable conditions, a wide range of products and a complex of services- these are the most essential reasons why Samsonas is the most suitable partner. Seeking to understand and satisfy customer's needs in the possible way Samsonas is following the strategy of value creation for client.  

Certificates, Licences, Awards and etc.:

Customers best choice award; Best product of Lithuania (in many groups and various years); Most popular product awards; Culinary heritage certificates; World Food Moscow award: Best product in meat sector silver medal.

Services & Products:

Meat processing (pork cutting; hot smoked, cooked and dried sausages & cookery products); slaughterhouse (beef, pork, cutting); vegetables recessing; Wholesale warehouse; distribution and logistics in Lithuania.


Europos pr. 89, 46333 Kaunas, Lithuania +370 37 490 671   Import and Export department: +370 37 390 460


Poland, Ireland,  U.K., Latvia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Norway, Germany, Greece, Denmark

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