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UAB VIKEDA (Joint-Stock Company VIKEDA) is the newest and the most modern ice cream production company in Lithuania that started its production activity on the 12th of December 1997.

During the period of its activity, the company became the most known and progressive one, and it presents novelties to Lithuanian and foreign gourmands every year.

The modern and flexible production equipment, the high skill of workers and good organization of work allow us to produce such products that satisfy needs of all consumers.

The Food Safety System HACCP was implemented in the company.

The Quality Management (EN ISO 9001:2001) and Environment Management (EN ISO 14001: 1999) systems certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance permit to work not only in Lithuanian and European markets, but also in the USA markets, where spoilt consumers can also find acceptable products produced by us for themselves.

The best estimation of our products is to know that they are well-known as well as the great demand for them and the 20% share of Lithuanian market occupied under conditions of the fiercest competition.

The most recipes of ice cream produced by our company are classic; however, the advanced technology and modern equipment allow us to produce new and interestingly shaped products of the highest quality.

When the summer season comes to the middle, the company UAB VIKEDA invites Kedainiai town dwellers and guests to the annual and the only ice cream festival "Ledu Lietus" ("The Rain of Ice Cream") in Lithuania.

When preparing for the ice cream festival "Ledu Lietus", on the 1st of August 1998 in Kedainiai, the team of the company UAB VIKEDA made a record ice cream portion weighing 59,5 kg and named it "Milzino Kaprizas" ("Giant’s Caprice") that was inscribed in the Lithuanian Record Book.

Ice cream "Dadu Plombyras" ("Dadu Ice Cream") made by the company UAB VIKEDA became a medal winner in the exhibition AGROBALT 2003.

The trademark "dadu" is registered in the USA Patent and Trademark Bureau.

"dadu" ice cream is the combination of quality, traditions and innovation.

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