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About the brewery

There has been an old tradition in Lithuania to bring home brewed beer to relatives and nearest neighbours on every season. That is why beer in Lithuania has always been a symbol of close relationship and friendship.

The first brewery was established by Merchant J.W.Reincke in Klaipeda in 1784. Certainly, the enormous commercial success has followed and remained with SVYTURYS brewery ever since - for 220 years now.

The first medal – an award for beer quality and taste - was awarded to SVYTURYS brewers even in 1883. Since then the brewery received lots of various prizes. The most honours ones are: Gold Medal awarded to SVYTURIO EKSTRA at the World Beer Championship (USA, “Dortmunder” category) in 2001, Silver Award granted to the same beer at the World Beer Cup (USA, “Dortmunder/European Export” category) in 2000 and the winning of Bronze Award for  SVYTURIO BALTIJOS beer in the World Beer Cup (USA, Aspen, „Marzen/Octoberfest“ category) in 2002.

According to the research carried out by AC NIELSEN, today SVYTURYS beer is not only considered as the best beer produced in Lithuania, but also as a Lithuanian product that is worth our national pride (96% and 83% of respondents accordingly).

The history of SVYTURYS

The oldest functioning brewery in Lithuania

1748 was a remarkable year in Klaipeda. That winter storms were severe as never and the summer was so hot as nobody could remember. And the most important thing – the citizens of Klaipëda got tired of bringing German beer from Tilze and decided to make their own. The kind of beer that the whole seacoast could be proud of. The beer that could be used to treat overseas merchants and get a better deal.

The business was started by the real seacoast region patriot and merchant of Klaipeda J.W.Reincke. This heavy-set man was not an ordinary trader. His family has been shipping all over the Baltic sea for a hundred years. The family blazon was decorated with sea eagle – the symbol of brave seamanship. This symbol was included in the new brewery’s emblem and remained in SVYTURYS logo until now.

Reincke’s beer from Klaipeda became so popular that breweries started to appear one after the other across the whole seacoast. However, they were not able to offer a beer that was as good as Reincke’s. Maybe only one noble seacoast brewer Theodor Preuss could compete with Klaipëda beer’s perfect taste and quality. Once the two men sat down with the pint of beer and decided that there is no need to compete and it is possible to work together. The two companies merged and the new brewery became the leader without a rival in the whole region.

The beginning of SVYTURYS era

After the war SVYTURYS brewery was rebuild and the beer was brewed again in 1946. At the beginning it was distributed to Klaipeda pubs only in barrels. In 1950 the company was equipped with a bottling line. As the demand of Klaipeda beer grew, the line was constantly replaced with new, more powerful equipment.

The recipe of BALTIJOS beer was developed by SVYTURYS specialists in 1960. It became the flagship beer of the whole group of SVYTURYS beers. SVYTURYS was one of the first in Lithuania to produce scalded beer. It started this activity in 1973 and brewed even 2.76 million dekalitres in 1975.


The decade of SVYTURYS take-off

When Lithuania’s independence was restored, SVYTURYS was reorganised into a joint stock company. Almost all shares were owned by company’s employees who decided to allocate company’s profit for reformation. The brewery started to barrel SVYTURYS beer in 30 and 50 litre kegs in 1995 and soon it became one of the most popular beers on tap in bars and restaurants. The brewery was equipped with state-of-the-art filtering system that was available for brewing industry in 1996.

CARLSBERG enters Lithuania

The magnificent financial indicators of the company and the popularity of it’s beer in Lithuania generated interest of foreign investors and spring of 1999 brought one of the largest beer companies in the world - CARLSBERG A/S (Denmark) that acquired the controlling interest in the company. The Danish investor considered the achievements of the Lithuanian company and neither changed an activity of SVYTURYS nor the beer it produced. CARLSBERG shared it’s enormous experience with the company, renewed it, increased the production volumes and trained it’s employees.

CARLSBERG had a lot of expectations related to this investment – the first investment of the concern in the Eastern Europe – the expectations were justified. Mr Nils S. Andersen, President of CARLSBERG once said: “I am very happy with ÐVYTURYS results that exceeded our expectations substantially”.

SVYTURYS and UTENOS ALUS breweries merged into public company SVYTURYS-UTENOS ALUS in 2001. On February 2003 the company was reorganised into a public limited company.

At the moment CARLSBERG BREWERIES concern controls SVYTURYS-UTENOS ALUS through the holding company BALTIC BEVERAGES HOLDING (BBH). The shares of the BBH are divided in equal parts (50/50%) to CARLSBERG BREWERIES and SCOTTISH & NEWCASTLE, the leader of the United Kingdom’s beer market.

International recognition

ÐVYTURYS is the first Lithuanian brewery that received highest international acknowledgement.

International awards received by ÐVYTURYS:

June 2000


World Beer Cup (New York, USA) Silver award (“Dortmunder/European Export“ category)

November 2001


World Beer Championship (USA) Gold medal (“Dortmunder“ category)

June 2002


World Beer Cup (Aspen, Colorado, USA) Bronze award (“German Style Marzen/Octoberfest“ category)

International recognition has helped ÐVYTURYS brewers to increase exports significantly. At the moment ÐVYTURYS beer is exported to the largest beer markets in the World: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and Russia.

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