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Favoured spreadable fat mix


VENTA - 75 % fat spreadable fat mix ŽVAIGŽDUTĖ - 69 % fat spreadable fat mix

The Highest Quality!
Only from fresh sour cream!

...Upon substituting part of milk fats for vegetable fats, spreadable fat mixes containing no beneficial saturated fatty acids present in milk, are enriched with poliunsaturated fatty acids present in vegetable fats and other beneficial "active" substances.

VENTA - 75 % fat spreadable fat mix in which 15 % of milk fats is substituted for vegetable fats.

ZVAIGZDUTE - 69 % fat spreadable fat mix in which 21 % of milk fats is substituted for vegetable fats.

The most advanced technology in the Baltic States :

  • Applying new production technology "Dairy Blend" with the help of the most modern equipment the preferred popular spreadable fat mixes VENTA and ZVAIGZDUTE are available in new packaging i.e. in practical plastic containers .
  • Owing to "Dairy Blend" equipment these spreadable fat mixes became more of a delicate taste, softer consistency and, therefore, easily spread. Due to "Dairy Blend" spreadable fat mixes are more easily spread even when taken just out from the fridge .
  • "Dairy Blend" is an supplementary installed vacuum system, allowing products produced to stay fresh, flavorful and nutritious for a longer period of time using no preservatives!

Yoghurt drink "SMILGELE"

Yoghurt drink "SMILGELĖ " in a practical bottle from now on!

Yogurt drink "SMILGELE " is a fermented milk product of fresh and lovely taste and smell.

Yogurt drink "SMILGELE " is produced from natural yogurt. Due to modern technology and respectively chosen natural fruit jam, the drink preserves all beneficial yoghurt properties and is easily absorbed by an organism, has less fats but more proteins, minerals and vitamins. The drink of a delicate taste also contains much of calcium and vitamins; therefore, it is healthy to drink for children. Considering good qualities of this drink, even grown-ups should consume it for years.

The product is of light, mild consistency and freshens nicely, especially in summertime.

The drink is available in new type colorful plastic bottles, 470 ml each: the product is practical to drink and keep in the fridge, practical and aesthetical to be put on the shelf! Yoghurt drink "SMILGELE ".

At the moment three flavors of the yoghurt drink "SMILGELE " are offered:

  • Peach,
  • Raspberry and lemon,
  • Kiwi and banana.

New purring milk novelty! Milk drink MIAU!

A new delicate purring product has appeared on the shelves in the supermarkets. It is new series of milk drink for children "Miau". It has been produced with genuine love for their youngest consumers by AB "Pieno zvaigzdes ".

Delicate is not only the name of the drink but also the taste. When producing this milk drink requests of children were taken into account: they chose aromatic flavors of strawberry, banana and chocolate which are brought to the drink "Miau" by the syrups of cocoa, strawberry and banana.

Produced from milk of the highest quality the drink "Miau" is not just tasty but it is also to the benefit of the development of healthy children as it contains beneficial substances such as calcium, milk protein, carbohydrate, and vitamins A, B2, B6 and B12.

The milk drink "Miau" is as gentle as mother's love. Of course, grown-ups can drink it too, yet, technologists of AB "Pieno zvaigzdes" joke that it is "well-balanced" for children. In such a delicate and delicious way, it is being sought that children would drink more milk and grow healthy and strong.

In practical packaging:

Drinks are available in packaging of new, playful and attractive design - plastic bottles with a cap, 470 ml each.

Does not decay quickly:

Thanks to special production technologists of the drink "Miau", this drink stays fresh longer than other milks. Therefore, this particular product is practical when taking various trips and setting off for nature as it can be kept at any temperature and for quite a long time. If a child did not drink the whole drink at once, put on the cap and keep in the fridge, consume it in 5 days.

Spreadable curd cheese MUSU

New quality product!

Natural Lithuanian product:

Spreadable curd cheese MŪSŲ is of delicious and fresh taste, flavoured and rich.
It stands out from other types of spreadable curd cheeses for its neutrality and tastes, well-balanced for a Lithuanian palate.
This cheese is made from separated curd, which is very natural and valuable for its nutrient characteristics.

4 well-balanced tastes:

  • 12% fat natural spreadable curd cheese "Mūsų" (salted),
  • 12% fat spreadable curd cheese "Mūsų" with vegetables (contains onions, paprika, celery leaves, chive),
  • 12% fat spreadable curd cheese "Mūsų" with green (onions, scallions, parsley),
  • 12% fat spreadable curd cheese "Mūsų" with tomatoes and basil.

No preservatives!

This spreadable cheese does not contain stabilisers, preservatives or other food additives!
A new modern manufacturing technology has been installed and now the product is prepacked by the flow method in high temperature. This technology guarantees immaculate, stable quality and excellent taste.
The most advanced technological process is exactly the fact determining a long term of sales - 60 days!

Practical packaging.

Cheese is prepacked in 185 g hermetically sealed polyester pots of appealing design.
Due to this packaging it is very convenient to display and use the product.

If you are hungry:

This nutritious and natural cheese is ideal solution for taking the edge off your hunger. Even more, there is no need to worry about your body lines as curd is solid product, but at the same time it is easy to digest.
When spread over a slice of bread or served with hot potatoes, this cheese should become one of the most essential products in a family fridge. And with the help of this cheese, even the simplest vegetable salad or meat sauce will turn into a gourmand masterpiece!

Bon appetite!

Yoghurt drink BIOLA

BIOLA More strength for Your body!

This is the new generation of the biologically valuable product.

Of liquid consistency and pleasant taste it is fermented using alive yoghurt bacteria cultures and energetic Lactobacillus (L.Casei).

Advantages of bacteria L.Casei are untold:

  • Refreshes body at once!
  • Protects from negative environmental impact!
  • Restores intestinal microflora!
  • Reduces level of cholesterol in the blood!
  • Stimulates immune system!

All of this means only one thing - You feel much stronger!

Now we offer 4 strong flavors of BIOLA :

  • Orange ,
  • Vanilla,
  • Apricot and peach,
  • Banana and wild strawberry!

Enjoy BIOLA every morning!

Ice-cream OKTAVA

Ice-cream OKTAVA is one from only 2 ice-cream trademarks in Lithuania, made from fresh cream.
This technological characteristic shapes their special, tender, light and creamy taste.

Unique taste of ice-cream OKTAVA is even further improved by various additives: jams, waffle , sponge biscuits, juice of exotic fruit and chocolate covering.

They are designed for pampering. Their musical names set a playfull mood, while their unique taste makes one to forget reality...

According to the pre-packaging the following groups of our ice-cream should be singled out:

  • Ice-cream in waffle pots OKTAVA, TUTTI-FRUTTI, TWIST, and COOL;
  • Coated ice-cream on a stick HIT, NYKSTUKAS;
  • Fruit ice-cream on a stick FRUIT, SPLITT;
  • Ice-cream MAXI, MIDI in boxes;
  • Polyeth film bars ice-cream NYKSTUKAS, COOL.

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Product range brochure 2

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