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The history of Vilniaus pergale AB dates back to the foundation of the confectionery factory Pergale in 1952. At the moment, Vilniaus pergale AB is the confectionery factory that produces the widest variety of products in the Baltic States. For over fifty years, our products such as chocolate, chocolate sweets and biscuits have been known for their high quality and original recipes.

Certain sweets produced in our factory, such as "Sostines", "Pergale" and "Vilnius", have their regular consumers. Most of the confection of our factory have been developed by specialists according to original recipes, taking into account the taste preferred by the Lithuanians and avoiding to use both synthetic preservatives and antioxidants. Each year, about 10-20 new products are introduced into the market. The design and quality of the packaging is also regularly renewed. We strive to cater for the most fastidious customers.

Our confectionery products have been awarded with various prizes and medals numerous times. In 1997, liqueur sweets "Sostines" received the nomination of the best Lithuanian food product and were awarded by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania. "Pauksciu pienas", the sweets produced in Vilniaus pergale AB, were awarded with the medal of Agrobalt’96 exhibition as the best product identified and appreciated by the customers as well as the product that would never disappoint you. Furthermore, the following products won the contests of the "Product of the Year": biscuits containing seaweed "Juros arkliukas" in 1998, "Zephyr" marshmallows with raspberry filling in 1999, "Sostines" assortment of sweets (315 g) in 2000, and Sunflower halvah bar (65 g) in 2001.

The majority of Lithuanian consumers know since childhood, identify and prefer the products of Vilniaus pergale AB. The Company takes into account the traditional Lithuanian taste, uses the natural ingredients of the best quality and is constantly looking for new recipes, to cater for the likes of the consumers, and new packaging designs.

No other confectionery factory of the Baltics produces such wide range of products: chocolate sweets, non-coated sweets, toffees, chocolate bars, sweet bars, chocolates, halvah bars, halvah, hematogen, waffles, sweet corn, liqueur sweets, biscuits, caramel, marshmallows and dragée.

The main share of our products are targeted at the customer with average income. According to the survey of store prices, the prices of Vilniaus pergale AB are lower than those of other companies producing equivalent products. Each  year, we strive to offer our customers new products. In 2004 alone, we introduced about 20 new confectionery products into the market.

At the time being, our products are exported to Germany, Israel, USA, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland. We export the products with our trademark but we may produce confection in the packaging supplied by the customer.

In 2004, we produced about 10,000 tons of confectionery products. This year, 10 per cent increase of the production is expected.

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