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Presently, the company produces 10 sorts of different pasta shapes in 7 quality levels:

  1. Fusilli;
  2. Little knees;
  3. Little noodles;
  4. Little tubes;
  5. Tagliatelle;
  6. Snails;
  7. Twists;
  8. Shells;
  9. Children's;
  10. Spaghetti.

In order to meet customer needs, we offer Premium-level pasta made of hard-grained wheat; superior and average quality pasta made of wheat flour; and other sorts of pasta the quality of which corresponds to the lowest price.

The company makes products with its brand names Gintariniai, Dzintara, Pasaka, Manni, Ckaзka  as well as with customerís private label goods. Soon we will introduce to the market the highest quality pasta labelled with trademark Amber Pasta. Due to the latest technologies the company is able to ensure not only the high quality of produced pasta, but also promptly and flexibly respond to changing needs of consumers.


For more information visit our websites: 

http: // www.pasta.lt  or  http:// www.amberpasta.eu

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