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MANTINGA UAB started its activity in 1998. Mr. Klemencas Agentas is the founder and the chief of the enterprise. All ideas and projects are being realized by a friendly and harmonic staff. At the very beginning of its activity the enterprise imported from France a completely new for Lithuania production - frozen and technologically prepared for baking French products of bread and pastry: French long loafs, rolls, pastries of flaky paste with various fillings doughnuts. In this way the corporation tried to get the Lithuanian people into the habit of using a completely new and specific products, to new traditions and quality of feeding. At the same time the corporation investigated the market.

MANTINGA UAB rented baking and paste-rising ovens to its clients - the trading places witch had no baking equipment, and supplied them with the production of frozen bread and pastry. Little by little branches of the corporation were founded in the biggest cities of Lithuania - Vilnius, Kaunas, Kliapëda, Ðiauliai. After realizing that the enterprise can successfully integrate into the market of bread and flour confectionery products the direction of MANTINGA UAB decided to start making the products of frozen bread right here, in Lithuania. One of the aims of the corporation was to reduce the prices of the market the corporation planned to offer frozen bread and pastry to customers of Latvia, Estonia und Russia. So, at the beginning of 2000 MANTINGA UAB opened a factory with western technology. The total area of the production premises, located in Marijampolë, Draugystës St.12, is 4800m2.

At the moment MANTINGA UAB produces frozen, ready for baking bread and pastry products, completely baked and frozen pies and doughnuts and a special kind of products for selling in self-service sections - frozen dough and pizza plates. Products of more than 120 kinds are available now. These provision are completely new but becoming very popular in Lithuania because they make a housewife's mode of life much easier.


At the beginning or the year 2000 MANTINGA UAB opened a factory with western technology in Marijampolë. The total area of the production premises, located in Draugystës St.12, Marijampolë, is 4800m2. The number of the workers in the factory is 200. The foodstuffs are formed by 8 modern European technological lines. In the future the production premises are going to be expanded.

A modern, satisfying high European standards store of deep freezing has been recently built. It is one of the biggest stores all over the Baltic States - there is room for 2 650 europalettes with production in the store.


MANTINGA UAB continously creates improves various equipment for selling its foodstuffs. This equipment satisfies the requirements of hygiene, aesthetics and merchandizing and is accommodated to every shop individually. A special illumination is installed in the shops. Its ray spectrum of the light makes the production look more attractive to the customer.

The most effective combination of trade equipment (shelves) and baking equipment (ovens) makes a mini-bakery. This is a separate territory in the shop where the amount of baking ovens and sellin equipment (shelves) depends on the dimension of the shop. As freshness of the production is very important, frozen products are baked right there, in the shop. MANTINGA offers its help for starting a mini-bakery - from its project to the supply of all the equipment and its installing. A well-equipped mini-bakery will increase the booking and sales, as the smell of freshly baked bread will give some cosiness to the shop and attract new customers.


MANTINGOS PREKYBA UAB has a net of its own cafes and shopes. In Augus t 1999 the first shop NICA was opened. It sells all production assortiment of MANTINGA. On 1 October of the same year the first cafe-shop NICA started its activity in the main street of Ðiauliai. Moreover, in 2002 it moved to new and more spacious premises and became one of the most beautiful cafes in Ðiauliai. The second café-shops NICA was opened in the very center of Marijampolë in January 2000. Residents and guests of Vilnius are welcomed in NICA at the supermarket MAXIMA AKROPOLIS since 1 June, 2002. There are plans to expand the net of cafes-shops in other cities - Kaunas, Klaipëda, Panevëþys and others. Cafes NICA attract clients with the smell of warm pastry. A customer who comes here always finds something to choose from - hot French long loafs and rolls, pies of flaky paste with different fillings, always fresh doughnuts. You are welcomed to have a cup of coffee, tea or several kinds of milkshakes with a piece warm pie. Besides, you can find a wide range of snacks and deserts here - salad, snacks, pizzas, pancakes with different filling, ice-cream, cakes, etc. MANTINGOS PREKYBA UAB offers to start your business, so look for NICA's franchising.


Experts with high university education work in the departments of commerce, marketing and finance. Many of them have certificates of the international consultative corporation MERCURY INTERNATIONAL. Marketing and logistics departments, managers of Kaunas, Marijampolë, Ðialiai and Panevëþys, staff of 2 branches in Vilnius and Kaunas deal with the realization of production. There are representatives in foreign countries as well: Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Russia.

A product, ready for realization, gets into a new built store with 7 modern loading ramps. Then the product goes to retail trade points or to stores of the branches according to presented orders then to the net of retail trade. The market of bread and flour confectionery products is specific because these foodstuffs get stale rather quickly, however, a customer requires only new ones. So, this specific requirement is easily carried out by selling frozen products of our corporation which are delivered and preserved in the temperature - 18°C. The products are for baking right at the trade place.

Every shop, café, etc. which has once arranged a mini-bakery can react to the demands very sensitively (it is possible to regulate the assortment during a day according to the number of customers), produce always new provisions to the customer (formation of the image that a shop or café cares much about its every client), create "warm" atmosphere in the shop by diffusing a wonderful smell of the bakery, reduce losses to the minimum or avoid them at all (they can appear due to leftovers), cut down the staff (if there had been a bakery earlier) to minimum - one or two bakers, reduce the area of the bakery itself. The latest analysis of our sales results shows that frozen bread and pastry semimanufactures complete successfully with the production provided by other bakeries in both big cities and smaller areas, the quantity of sellings in different trade places increases constantly.

In corporation with usual products the provisions of MANTINGA UAB have many more advantages: they are completely new, prepared according to French, German, Italian, Hungarian, Danish, Lithuanian recipes. This gives new opportunities to retailers and catering facilities:

  • time is saved - very simply and quickly the customer gets the product "directly from the oven",
  • the circulation increases - it is hard to resist the taste and smell of fresh and warm pastry,
  • the problem of unsold products is solved - the shop-assistant himself decides what product, how much and when he/she should bake,
  • only fresh productions is available - warm bread and pastry are offered to the clients even in the evening,
  • we have always got wide assortment of production - validity time of a frozen products is long enough to accumulate and keep a wide range of foodstuff.

Despite of many advantages the production of MANTINGA UAB in comparison with analogous products of other bakeries can boast of equal prices. That is why our production is available for all customers even with small or middle income.


Sales of products made by MANTINGA UAB in Lithuania increased by 160% in comparison with imported production. Sales of provisions made in Lithuania in 1999-2002 grew up by 350%. The foodstuffs started to be exported abroad in June, 2000. The first country where MANTINGA's production found its market was Latvia. In the short run the export to Estonia was started. In April 2001 the export to Russia, Ukraine was begun, later - to Byelorussia. At present the enterprise starts the export of its production in Germany. In 2001 it was emphasized that MANTINGA UAB is one of the most progressive corporations in Kaunas region according to the level of export.

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