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Kalnapilis brewery can boast of having over a hundred years of experience. But even with its long history and traditions, the brewery has been able to remain one of the most modern and innovative breweries in the Baltic States.Kalnapilis brewery was the first to reorient the taste of Lithuanian consumers for high quality, light, pale beer and began to nurture the country’s modern beer drinking culture. Kalnapilis was the first to bottle beer in a new type of bottle, the first to introduce beer in bottles with twist-off caps, the first of Lithuania‘s beer producers to offer consumers beer in 0.33 l bottles, the first to produce especially light tasting ice beer, and the first to market a Lithuanian beer in cans.

The comprehensive development of the company, which was begun in 1995, meant that in 2001 Kalnapilis was the first of Lithuania‘s beer producers to introduce an international quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

By investing in the latest technologies and the professionalism of the employees, maintaining a strong trademark, and guaranteeing the highest quality beer with unique tastes, Kalnapilis has ensured its position as a profitable, stable, modern brewery.

The goal of Kalnapilis is to maintain its name as the most innovative brewery in the Lithuanian market and to produce beer of the highest quality for modern beer lovers with a refined palate. The solid foundation for this is its long traditions of quality beer, the adoption of the latest technologies, its attention to the needs of the consumers and customers, its openness to innovation and youthfulness, as well as its attention to society and the nurturing of the beer drinking culture.

The Kalnapilis and Vilniaus Tauras breweries, which in 2001 began the process of merging, successfully joined the Danish Brewery Group family. The Danish Brewery Group is a dynamic and constantly growing international company, which produces over 50 brands of beer in breweries in Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe, exporting them to countries on every continent.

In 2004 the family of Kalnapilis beers was rejuvenated. Some old products were replaced by newly created kinds of beer. All the products were adorned with new labels. The rejuvenation of both the family of beers and the packaging was based on consumer research.Kalnapilis brewery offers beer lovers the widest assortment. The unique taste of Kalnapilis beer has brought the Panevezys brewers fame and honour in more than one year not only in Lithuania but also around the world. Kalnapilis greatest success has been winning 2 gold awards at the World Beer Cup, the Olympics of beer competitions. No other Lithuanian brewery has received such high recognition yet.



World Beer Cup, USA, 2004

Kalnapilis Original (Muenchener Style Helles category): gold award.

Kalnapilis 7.30 (German Style Heller Bock/Maibock category): gold award.



Albertas Foigtas, a town resident of German extraction, founds a brewery and calls it Bergschlosschen (Small Castle on a Hill).


The name, Bergschlosschen, is replaced by its Lithuanian equivalent, Kalnapilis.


During the years of Lithuania‘s independence, the brewery is a stock company.


The brewery is nationalised.


A new malt plant is built.


Birzai brewery is joined to Kalnapilis to form the Kalnapilis Beer Industry Production Combine. The name changes several times: in 1988, after the publishing of an anti-alcohol law, it is necessary to rename it the Kalnapilis Non-alcoholic Beverage and Beer Combine, and later, after Lithuania regains its independence, the combine becomes a State Brewery.


In December, the company is privatised.


A joint venture is founded with Baltic Beverages Holding.


A new high quality beer, Ekstra, which is initially produced in Finland under license from Kalnapilis, is introduced.


A premium beer, Dvaro, the first representative of a family of new beers, is introduced. Shortly after Dvaro, two other new representatives of this family, pale Karcemos and dark Milzinu, appear.
As of October, the licensed production of Ekstra is discontinued in Finland and the beer begins to be produced at Kalnapilis.
Kalnapilio Kaledinis, introduced on 18 November, is the first Lithuanian Christmas beer produced according to the classical Christmas beer production traditions and the second in the world to receive a Christmas beer certificate.


In January a new strong Karcemos beer begins to be produced.
In April Vichy Classique mineral water begins to be sold.
In May the strongest new beer, 7.30, is introduced to consumers.
Kalnapilis becomes the market leader in Lithuania.


In March, Velykinis, the first Easter beer in Lithuania, is introduced.
In September, Kalnapilis implements a project developed over several years and introduces a substantial innovation in the market: a new bottle and box.


Kalnapilis, a patron of the event, Vilnius 2000, is granted the right to the name ‘Kalnapilis – the millennium beer’.
Ekstra draught beer is introduced.


A new family of Kalnapilis beers: 4.30, Kalnapilis, Export, and 7.30, is introduced into the market.
At the end of the April a new beer, Kalnapilis in ICE, is introduced into the Lithuanian beer market. This is an especially light and mild, medium-strength (5 % by volume) ice beer, a beverage of the future and new generation.
During the 8th brewers’ meeting, Agro 2000, in Szczyrk (Poland), Kalnapilis enters five kinds of beer in the open beer competition, four of which win medals: 4.30 receives a gold medal, Kalnapilis and 7.30, bronze medals, and Kalnapilis in ICE, a medal as an exceptional beer.
The beer, Export, won the title Product of the Year 2000, at the annual Lithuanian product exhibition, Rinkis preke lietuviska (Choose Lithuanian Goods), which is organised by the Lithuanian Industrialists Confederation.
At the Lithuanian General Consulate in Chicago, Kalnapilis receives a medal after winning second place in an international beer competition organised by the US Beverages Testing Institute. Two kinds of Kalnapilis beer receive awards: Kalnapilis and Export, which were entered in the November 2000 competition.
The Danish Brewery Group (DBG) becomes the owner of the company.
At the end of the year, Kalnapilis introduces yet another innovation. Kalnapilis, which has been dictating bottle fashions in the beer market for several years, is the first in the Baltic States to begin bottling beer in 0.33 l bottles with twist-off caps.


Kalnapilis becomes a sponsor of the Northern European Basketball League (NEBL) competition.


Kalnapilis celebrates its 100-year anniversary.
7.30, a Kalnapilis beer in a can, is a winner of the Lithuanian Product of the Year competition organised by the Lithuanian Industrialists Confederation.
Kalnapilis is the first of the Lithuania’s breweries to market Lithuanian beer in a can.
Visitors to Takas, one of the most visited Lithuanian Internet portals, see ‘Kalnapilio filmai’ (‘Kalnapilis films’) gaining ever greater popularity. This Internet entertainment, which is unique in Lithuania, has already been running since October on the Kalnapilis website www.kalnapilis.lt. The ‘Kalnapilio filmai’ are distinguished by the fact that Internet users themselves create the scripts for them.
During US President George W. Bush’s visit, ‘The George W. Bush Party’, an original Kalnapilis project and free celebration for young people, is organised at the Arka gallery in Vilnius.
On the occasion of its 100-year anniversary, Kalnapilis introduces Kalnapilis 1902, a special beer in the super premium category.
Kalnapilis beer becomes the official beer of the Challenge Cup of FIBA-Europe Conference North, which has succeeded the Northern European Basketball League and assumed its rights.
During the 10th traditional Varniai Blues festival, Kalnapilis awards a unique prize, the Gold String, to the best guitarist of the festival.
Kalnapilis AB and the Lietuvos rytas Basketball Club sign an agreement, according to which Kalnapilis becomes an official sponsor of the Vilnius basketball club during the 2002–2003 season.
Kalnapilis introduces the first Lithuanian beer in cans. Kalnapilis Export, Kalnapilis in ICE, and Kalnapilis 7.30, which are produced and bottled in cans at the Kalnapilis brewery, appear in shops.


Kalnapilis traditionally sponsors the Kaunas Jazz festival. A special prize is established for the musician who best reflects the Kalnapilis spirit at the festival.
A special prize is also awarded to participants in the Varniai Blues festival it is sponsoring.
Kalnapilis is one of the principle sponsors of the World Lithuanian Song Festival in July. During the festival, the legendary musical, Velnio nuotaka (The Bride of the Devil), a project sponsored by Kalnapilis, is presented in Park Vingis for music lovers.
Kalnapilis becomes a sponsor of the new music festival – Plateliu rock.
On the occasion of the 500-year anniversary of Panevezys, Kalnapilis gives visitors to Panevezys and the city’s residents the gift – presentation of the musical, Velnio nuotaka. This performance becomes the principle accent of the anniversary programme.
Kalnapilis sponsors the release of the musical, Velnio nuotaka, on CD and DVD.


The Kalnapilis logo is modernised.
In March, Kalnapilis introduces a new beer, Kalnapilis Original, which is especially well received by consumers.
The labels and cans are redesigned for every kind of Kalnapilis beer.
Kalnapilis sponsors the Kaunas Jazz festival.
In May, Kalnapilis introduces the first Lithuanian super premium class beer, Kalnapilis Grand.
2 Kalnapilis beers, Original and Grand, receive gold awards at the World Beer Cup, the Olympics of beer competitions. No other Lithuanian brewery has received such high awards.
Kalnapilis is a patron of the Klaipeda Jazz Festival.
At the end of September Kalnapilis introduces the first Lithuanian red beer, Kalnapilis Red.

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