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27.03.2017 Lithuanian producers may benefit from Brazil's meat scandal

Broader export opportunitiesare opening up for Lithuanian meat processors in the wake of Brazil's spoiledmeat and corruption scandal involving two large international companies, JBSand BRF, and several tens of smaller market players, reported LETA/BNSaccording to the business daily Verslo Zinios.

EgidijusMackevicius, presidentof the Lithuanian Association of Meat Processors, says that Lithuania couldonly benefit from the scandal if targeted third countries started to refuse toaccept products.

However, TautvydasBarstys, CEO of KG Group, the owner of Lithuania's two largestpoultry complexes, says that the market began to feel an impact as soon as thescandal erupted.

"We have already receivedenquires from Germany and Finland asking if we could replace Brazilian poultrywith our products," he said, but added that the scandal was unlikely tohave any major effect in the long run.

Barstys thinks that the EUis likely to reject products from the companies involved in the scandal, butthis measure will be temporary and will be lifted once more details emerge.

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